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pipemidic acid binds with enzyme which is involved in the replication of DNA and thus leads to the inhibition of bacterial DNA replication. This effect is more pronounced against microorganisms which are in proliferative phase. High concentrations pipemidic acid inhibit estrogen testosterone combination pill namessynthesis, and the synthesis of the bacterial proteins.

After oral administration pipemidic acid is rapidly absorbed, bioavailability is 30-50%. After oral administration in a dose of 400 mg, the maximum drug concentration (3.5 mg / ml) is achieved in 70-80 minutes.
High concentrations of active ingredient are kidney and prostate. Pipemidic acid, as well as other quinolone compounds pass through the placenta, the mother’s milk enters the trace amounts.
Pipemidic acid mostly excreted via the kidneys in unchanged form. The daily urine is determined by 50-85% of the administered dose. Isolation pipemidic acid is in direct proportion to the creatinine clearance. Half-life time of normal kidney function is 2 hours and 15 min., A total clearance of 6.3 ml / min.
In patients with impaired renal function observed somewhat higher concentration of drug in blood plasma than in healthy volunteers. The half-life of the plasma is somewhat elongated and 5,7-16 hours. In severe renal impairment in the urine as a therapeutic concentration is created.


  • Acute and chronic urinary tract infections, caused by susceptible to malaria infections (urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis).
  • Infection prevention during catheterization, endoscopy and by instrumental interventions.Contraindications
  • hypersensitivity estrogen testosterone combination pill names reaction to pipemidic acid;
  • severe liver and renal function (creatinine clearance at least 60 ml / min and at rates in serum creatinine over 265 mmol / l);
  • epilepsy and other organic brain damage;
  • childhood;
  • I and III trimesters of pregnancy;
  • lactation.Precautions:
    In case of allergic reactions to the drug should be discontinued its use. With prolonged use of the drug should monitor the overall performance of blood to carry out liver and kidney samples and repeat antibiogram.
    Pipemidic acid in patients with a deficit glkzhozy-6-dehydrogenases can cause hemolytic anemia. Very rarely there may be large seizures.
    Caution should be exercised when administering the drug to the elderly (over 70 years) and patients with impaired renal function.
    Exercise caution when administering the drug to patients with a history of bleeding in the brain, the cerebral circulation and vascular spasms of the head brain, and seizures.
    Patients with epilepsy appointed strictly on the testimony with caution.
    in the treatment to avoid exposure to sunlight and kvartsevaniya because of possible photosensitivity.
    Children under 14 years of taking the drug must be under close medical supervision.
    pipemidic acid not It recommended to appoint oliguria.Dosing and dosing regimen:
    The average dose for adults – 2 times 1 capsule a day (morning and evening) before meals. The usual course of treatment 10 days, extended a doctor if necessary.
    When staphylococcal infections dosing interval should not exceed 8 hours.
    When kidney disease treatment duration is 3 to 6 weeks, with prostatitis 6-8 weeks.
    During therapy, the patient should drink plenty of liquids.

    Side effect From the digestive tract: . Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea With the Skin: photosensitivity with erythema, and possible allergic rash, urticaria and pruritus.

    Overdose symptoms and treatments Treatment: . Stop taking the drug excretion of the drug from the body can be accelerated by forced diuresis. The drug was well derived from the plasma of the blood by hemodialysis. No specific antidote exists.


    Interaction with other drugs
    pipemidic acid inhibits hepatic P450 enzymes, especially important reactions observed after the simultaneous interaction of the drug with theophylline and caffeine. A significant increase in the concentration of the two drugs in blood plasma, resulting in slowing down their metabolism, can cause symptoms of adverse effects.

    Cautions Use during pregnancy and lactation: the drug estrogen testosterone combination pill names is prescribed only under strict indications under the direct supervision of medical staff. At the time of treatment should stop breastfeeding. Effects on ability to drive a car or other mechanisms: The product has no effect on the ability to drive vehicles or use sophisticated equipment .